Help, I have an addiction!! And what about Malene Birger???

Bold as I was, I told you earlier that I would have a shop-stop for a few weeks. It is much needed, both for space (I cannot even close my closet properly anymore!!) and for the economics. And today I failed..again…sigh. I think I need help:) Oh well, I will try again, not giving up.

So, this See by Chloe skirt is now on it’s way home to me.
It was tempting when it was 70% off and they had one left, in my size…

I love pink, and this will be great for spring…I can hardly wait:)

On another note, I just heard that Malene Birger is quitting the job as the chief designer at By Malene Birger, giving the job to Christina Exteen, the current Design Manager. Since Malene Birger is one of my favourite designers, I will follow the next collections with much interest….I hope they will carry on in her spirit.




  1. Btw, since you know much about fashion, can you have a post about having a simple black something but styling it up with accessories, in that case whats the hottest in now? Preferable before tuesday? 😉 blink blink 🙂

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