Vixen blog awards – get ready to be bombarded with pictures:), the blog and web magazine I am writing for, came to the finals in not more than two (!) categories at the Vixen blog awards, which was so much fun. Drumroll…nope, we did not win, but had such a great night. We are all spread around the country, and the fact that so many of us were able to meet, was so much fun!

In Iknowthatmagazine I write some fashion articles, but also a bit more serious articles, about family life, politics and so on. Although, on this blog, the major theme is fashion (for adult women, in daily life, nothing fancy!), I wanted to find an outfit that represented that. I think I did, is it OK to say that I thought I looked real good? he he







Wonderful Tove, our editor, who has created a magazine full of humour, unpretentious but stylish, like herself:)


The whole gang (not sure why this pic got so blurry..)


Maria and I have been part of the magazine since the beginning. She also blogs at Karmabitch, although she is faaar from a bitch;-)



Sweet Nastaran is blogging at, check it out!


Veronica and I. She has a great fashion blog also here.


Veronica with sweet Marie, who got the price for best newcomer:)


Celine, who won best fashion award, and I.


There were some fun outfits there….


My outfit for the night:
skirt- Gestuz (old)
sequin sweater – Moschino
shoes- Zara
bag- Friis&Co
the cat…no, I mean my fur-like companion – vintage


  1. So many nice pictures 🙂 And thank you for the compliment Sonja! It was so nice to meet you, and the other girls, and Im glad we got some time to talk at the end of the evening 🙂 Loved your outfit as always! xoxo

  2. så veldig gøy ut! 😉 Hun frøkna i rødt strutse skjørt er en god venninne av meg 😉 Heter Christina hun også 🙂 hehe Håper jeg får vært med neste år 🙂

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