Flowery snowlady

Even shortlived relationships and brief encounters can be diffult to end. Saying goodbye to someone that touched us, perhaps means that we give away a small piece of ourselves. We are one person when we are in our own company, and another in the company of someone else. Not changing personality, but different people bring out different sides of our personality. When we have felt valued, respected and happy, we want more. Saying goodbye can feel like losing it again. But, the memories and experiences are our to own, we can keep them in our hearts forever:)

Inspired by the coming spring, I thought flowers were appropriate today, with a touch of burgundy and nude. Sending flowers to all of you, happy weekend!!

Love, S






Dress- Club
Cardigan- Estradeur/Nelly
Coat- Kenneth Cole
Bag- Renata Corsi
Boots- Bianco
bracelets- Bik Bok and Marc Jacobs


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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