Modern guide to disco living – Moods in a new suit

The last show of the Trend week in Oslo was Moods of Norway, known for their good shows. The catwalk was three flights of stairs and a scene, the models risking their lives on those high heels:) Phew, all went well!:)

Moods is known for their colourful collections, and thus I went for both stripes and flowers myself, only to find that their new collections was much more toned down than their previous. Bummer!!! (just kidding, I love my lively flowery blazer:) Some would call it commersializing. I would call it wearable fashion!!






The colours were darker than earlier, lots of black, with hints of glitter, burgundy and pink. Classy pants and blouses and 50s dresses with an updated look in shiny materials. Some might find it boring, compared to their earlier collections. Anyhow, I would wear lots of these items!



Veronica (my colleague from and I.


blazer- Christian Lacroix (vitage)
sweater- Oasis
jeans- Paul and Joe Sister
Boots- Prada
bag- Michael Kors


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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