Jeans, blue and checks and acknowledging mothers…

First, and most importantly, HAPPY MOTHERSDAY to all the mothers out there. I know the date is not global, but nevertheless, I would like to acknowledge the most important job in the world!!

I am so grateful, every day, that I had the parents I had growing up. I might not have thought so at the time, kids and teenagers always thinks parents can be pretty stupid at times. But I always felt loved and safe, which is more than a lot of people can say. I talk to people, kids and adults, often, who have not felt that way when growing up. It reminds me of the value of caring and stable parents. If you come across childrene whom you might think is experience the opposite, hardship and stress, please, please be a stable and caring adult – this may change the life of that child:)

This is me on my way to my mom (flowers not included in the picture, he he).








Coat- H&M
sweater- Designer’s Remix
jeans skirt- Asos
belt and necklace- ebay
boots- Bianco
Clutch- Matthew Williamson for Lindex


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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