Pink and blue, pink and blue

I have been thinking about the saying that you should not judge someone by the covers, because you don’t know what they are really struggling with.
Being a therapist, I hear about struggles on a daily basis, and know that this is part of life. Life is not what it looks like on Facebook, in the news or even on many blogs. Noboby leads a perfect life. Time and again I am reminded that some do live with a perfect picture of others, and feel so alone with their own problems, thinking that noone is going through the same.

I do not know if it helps to hear it, but everyone has their skeletons in their closets, even I:) Everyone goes through loss, sad times, lack of confidence, but thankfully we also encounter laughter, happy times, successes.
What do you do to remember those times, and not only the sad ones? Because what we focus on, is what we will be:)

On another note, I am so ready for spring colours and lighter fabrics…but for now, I have to put on my rain boots and rain jacket:)







Rain jacket- Stormberg
Rain Boots- Ilse Jacobsen
Jeans- Pieces
jacket- Mango
sweater- vintage
necklace- a gift from my dear sister


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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