Sequins and skincare

I do not usually write about skincare here, but last night I was invited to a woman’s night with Linda Johansen, a grunder of a skincare brand that I have really grown to like. (Here I am on my way)


I have had different problems with my skin, from being terribly dry to having breakouts often. I was also constantly burnt from the sun as a kid and teenager, since I am so fair. Now I use spf every day, all year round, but a little late, since lines started to show early..bummer:/


After a few rounds of medical Vitamin A acid, my skin has gotten better, it retains moisture better, and it keeps my breakouts in check. But I also need other good skincare that takes care of my skin and gives enough moisture. After starting with a few produkts of Linda Johansen’s line, I noticed more clarity in my skin.

HERE(this is not an advertisement, I am just a happy customer:)

You can also read more in Norwegian here, my previous article on

Linda and my wonderful colleague Marianne:





My outfit:
trench- LaRedoute
sweater- Moschino Cheap and Chic
pants- h&m
boots- Bianco
earclips- Marni for h&m
bag- Match


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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