Glittery movie night

If you read my previous post, you might think that I am opposed to the idea of Valentine’s Day. That is not the total truth. I think it is commercialized, that is true, and for some a reminder that things are not what they wished for in life. That being said, it is also an excuse to celebrate love. To do something nice together as a couple, even if it just means turning the TV off, to have that wonderful conversation you know you can have, or wish you had.

We decided to eat at home and then go to the movies. We watched 12 Years A Slave. It was a beautifully made movie about such a heartwrenching topic. I think I have seen my share of movies from that era by now, it always depresses me:)





My hunk:)


Usually my go-to outfit on such a night would be a dress, but I just did not feel like freezing, which I often tend to do in the movie theaters, for some strange reason.

So, I went for my beloved Just USA jeans, Michael Kors blouse, glitter jacket and bag (yup, I am a fan:), Prada boots and the coat is vintage.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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