Colourful Monday

I never know what to wear until I am starting to pull things out of my closet in the morning. Today, I started with a black, long/sleeved dress, but figured I was not in the mood for only black. So, I was searching for a jacket, cardigan or sweater to have on top of the dress, for colour and mostly for warmth. This sweater has colours I love, and I picked them up in shoes and gloves also.







I am quite the Hunger Games geek. I love the movies (all the teens and I, he he), and I am hoping that the third one will be released soon. So when I found this mockingbird bracelet on Amazon, I had to have it:)

coat- Matthew Williamson for Lindex
dress- Voice of Europe (old)
sweater and shoes- vintage
bag- Michael Kors


  1. For et fint og gjennomført antrekk! Lilla er en av mine absolutt favorittfarger og du ser helt nydelig ut i lilla. De skoene, hanskene og overdelen gjorde susen. Minner meg om da du matchet vesken og gensern din (den turkise/blå) fantastisk!

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