One of my favs is blue…

I guess that is not a secret, that I like the colour blue…
Yesterday, when the sun was up, I could go out in my leather jacket, that feels so amazing! But, for when the sun disappeared, I brought my Matthew Willamson for Lindex coat. You might be sick of seeing it by now. But , seriously, it is so versatile. I always thought that oversized coats were not good for my body type (curvy, not so tall), but this coat makes it possible to layer so I get better use of my other jackets, and I do think I can pull it off.

During our little photo session, my necklace dropped to the ground (hope it is not broken), that is why you can not see it on some pics:)








Leather jacket-Zara
boots- Beau Coops
bag- Michael Kors

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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