Pink in the gloom

I needed some fresh pink to lighten up this gloomy weather. I hate talking about the weather, but jeeez, we have hadly seen the sun in weeks, and it does affect me. I need spring, now!!

Saturday constisted of watching the Olypmics, and then going to my girlfriend to watch scary movies and eat candies. It is funny, we have know each other since we were nine (I am not going to date myself now, hi hi), and we loved to do this as teens (watching scary movies), so lately we have rekindled that pastime, which is quite fun.

Here is my ootd:






Coat- vintage
Jacket- By Malene Birger
Sweater- LaRedoute (similar on sale HERE or on Nelly HERE) (adlinks)
Jeans- Weekday
Boots- Bianco
Bag- Michael Kors


  1. I agree, the weather does have that kind of effect. We had some last week and I jumped at the chance to take pics in it as quickly as possible since for months I’d been replying on flash photography in the dark which annoys me. I’ll be doing the same in the weeks to come if the Earth is still around lol, it’s tough but worth the light!

    I love the colours in your outfit and musical print jacket especially, so very quirky and gorgeous!

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