New purchases

Yup, my shopstop I have totally given up on…for now. Jeez, I did not know I was so weakminded, he he. I guess it is my little weakness, and I have given myself permission to shop because I do not splurge on anything else. Having been ill for a long time, I have not had the energy to do a lot of other things, and shopping is a way to feel refreshed. That, and yoga. I do believe that shopping is no real therapy (what? shopping-therapy is not real thing??), but sometimes it can be fun and also raise our spirits. It is when we only turn to that, it can be dangerous, or what do you think? Do you turn to shopping therapy sometimes? Or, what is your little guilt-trip?:)

Besides, I will try again….eventually:)
But for now, I could not help but to click home these beauties on sale.

A white (you can also get it in black) sweater-blouse from Esprit, comfy and stylish, use it with jeans, pans or a skirt, at work or at a party. Very versatile, if you ask me. And, I am so into white and light colors for spring:)

You can get it HERE for only 159 NOK.

A white clutch with contrast colors and a tassle must be fresh to all the summer dresses I will be wearing soon:)

For 249 NOK HERE

Since winter is not quite over, I saw this as an opportunity to replace my well used (actually, they are almost rags by now) black leather gloves. I have wanted some with studs, and these are great!

Now only 135 NOK HERE.


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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