The things we might take for granted – in women’s perspective

A lot of my generation women are not marching on the International Women’s Day. I have to admit that I never have. It does not mean that I do not care, perhaps it has to do with a lack of other women in my circle of friends and family that would go marching. That is not an excuse, just an observation.

I was raised to be able to stand on my own, and to be able to do everything myself, my mother and particularly my father seemed to find that very important. I am thankful for that.

I am also thankful for all of the women before me, who have fought for rights and opportunities that I now have. I have never taken them for granted, I think. Because I am constantly reminded, through media, and through stories of the many people that I meet, that the sense of freedom and accomplishment that I have experienced, is not what every woman has experienced.


Just the thought of what women have to endure….to be pressured into marriage while still being a kid, to die in labour because you are too young to have children, to be raped, to be controlled, to be sold, to be held down by your closest and by a whole society…all of these things make me sick to my stomack! That is why we never have to forget, even though a lot of us live a better life in the West.

Perhaps this post will be a tribute to women who are curageous enough to fight persons or regimes even though it might cost them their lives. Women who would do anything for an opportunity to tell their stories of injustice, to fight for a better life for their daughter, for journalists putting their lives in danger to let the world know….YOU HAVE CHANGED THE HISTORY, even though things might not seem like it yet, but we are on our way to something better. I need to hope so, I need to believe so. That is how I can live and feel moments of happiness every day

Love, Sonja


  1. Vakkert skrevet -er så enig med deg -vi kan ikkje ta dagen for gitt selvom vi ikkje går i tog.
    Det triste er at så mange bare aksepterer at vi har alle godene vi har.
    Vi skal tenke på alle dem som egentlig har like rettigheter som oss,men som aldri har fått praktisere dem.
    Vi er alle LIKEVERD ,men likestilling smaker litt rart i min munn. Eg er ikkje likestilt med en mann,men i min forskjell og i hans forskjell er vi LIKEVERDIGE og det mye viktigere for meg.
    Håper din dag var en fin dag<3

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