My Sunday morning with yoga and good snack:)

Yoga is for me holistic, it is a way of living, a way to direct my attention. I try to be mindful every day. Mindful about how I treat my body, what emotions are present in me, to breathe fully at least a few times as day. And, I do asanas (the physical postures). For a lot of people in the west, the asanas are representative for yoga, because that is what gyms have promoted it to be.



But, yoga is so much more! Although, for many, doing the asanas is a way to start a yoga practice, because it is tangible, it is meditation in motion. And, the different postures do have a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. It pleases me that there has been, and will continue to be, research on yogas benefits. Now we are starting to document the benefits that the ancient yogis could just feel in their bodies. They had such an amazing body awareness, they could even feel which glands and intestines were supported by which posture. Amazing, huh?


When I started doing yoga years ago, I was sooo stiff, like a plank;-)
After many years with yoga, I am better, but I still have a long way to go. But I try to remind myself to respect my own body. It is unique, and will not look like any other body. Bonestucture, different jointmobility and injuries, all will impact our ability to get into postures, but it is also amazing what the body can learn to do.

(bottom picture is taken this summer, it might be a hardly noticable difference, but my shoulders are a bit more open, and they are stronger, so I can hold it longer and even balance on one leg)


I know a lot about yoga, and I have studied yoga, but I am not the one to show particularly impressive poses. I am sure it would have been fun, but I take my yoga practice step by step, in my own tempo. That is what I encourage you to do also. Practice leaving all the “shoulds” behind, practice paying mind to here and now, and not where you should have been. Practice being in your own breath in the postures, without looking at the next person and think you should do what he/she does.


Start where YOU are. Practice finding tranquility in how things are now, in all aspects of life. It is a lifelong practice, we will never get over the finishline, but these moment of tranquility is definitely worth the journey:)



Post-yoga snack: mango and Matcha green tea:)


  1. skulle ønske eg kunne gjort yoga,men eg bruker mer den meditheramatten som eg har og føler meg ofte veldig avslappet etter 2 runder med den. Vil egentlig sovne,men står opp og setter i gang.

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