🎉Celebrating 1 year with you all!!!🎈🎈🎈

Today, my blog is officially one – 1- year! And, I wanted to celebrate it with you readers, who are with me in thick and thin.
Some of you check out my blog for the outfit pictures or tips about shopping, some of you prefer to read about mindfulness, personal stories or my random babble about life and relationships:)
Even though this is mostly a fashionblog, it is impossible to let other parts of myself get out. I am multi-faceted, just like you are!!

To show my appreciation to all of you, I want to do a giveaway today. You can win lots of great, good quality makeup and a makeup bag (see the picture under) and it is world wide.

Check out my Instagram account @sonjadurand, tag a friend who would like to win this price. You will both be part of the drawing:)

(If you do not have instagram, use Facebook or another media to invite a friend to the drawing (and let me know how you did it, so I have yours and your friends name and email, in the comment field)).

Drawing will be done on March 26th.

Good luck!!!! Love, Sonja




Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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