Saturday excursions

My hubby and I went to see friends who recently had a baby.
Babies are amazing – I am so fascinated by the fact that as soon as they are born, they start to communicate with their surroundings. These litle mirror neurons in the brain that help them imitate and make sense of what is going on. It seemed like I bonded with the little guy:)

After that we went for dinner at my mom’s, my sister and the little girls (my nieces) were also there. There is a certain level of decibel that comes with them, he he, but they are adorable:)




It seems like I spotted something;-)



I wanted to show you the cute little open back on this blouse, but looking at the pictures, I realized that my hair was mostly in the way:)



Cardigan- Savannah
Blouse- By Zoe
Pants- Mango
Shoes- Nelly
Clutch- Friis&Co


  1. I love how smart and chic your outfit is 😀
    And the colours go so well together!
    I’m a Swedish Fashion blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check my blog out 🙂

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