I actually don’t own a pair of boyfriend jeans…..!!!!!!

…can you really admit that and still claim to be a fashionsta? smiling
I have never felt that comfortable in jeans that are a bit large, because I already have soem hips and thighs, and I do not want to look…well…shapeless and bigger:) But, when I see so many women styling them so well, I am tempted to try. And, they also, come in all kinds of shapes right, perhaps there is one out there for me? Does anyone know a good brand for someone who has a bit of an ass(et)? 😉
Here are a couple of chic styles!

(photo: siljekrosby.blog.no)


But these I am not too sure of, at least the right pants were not to flattering to the Kardashian sister….so the key is do not fold them up if you have short legs and perhaps a bit fleshy thighs (can you say that? I mean no harm, I am just trying to figure out what would fit me well).



  1. haha i’m sure you can still be a fashionista without a pair of boyfriend jeans – i certainly am!! but i understand that feeling, and like you, i hope to get a pair soon 🙂

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