I like the contrasts in life, I often say

Many a time I have said that I like the contrasts in life. I like the sweet with the sour, I like a huge variety of experiences.

I like how I feel so much I can not even describe the feeling with one word, I need to write a whole poem to express them all.

I like to travel and eat at fancy restaurants but spend time with the less fortunate and listen to their stories.

I like the sweet agony of missing my love when he is far away.

I like being quiet in meditation after hours of exchanging ideas all day.

I like walking in the quietness of the mountains and then come back to city life and see people all over.

But, once in a while, like tonight, the shifts in contrasts are too sudden and too raw.

I was supposed to go to a social gathering, but realized I was far too late leaving work to make it. Part of me was disappointed, but part of me was thankful for it. Tonight I was not ready to go from giving two parents some bad news, to socializing and having fun, all within the span of an hour. I could not go from the seriousness and empathy for a difficult situation to pretending to be cheerful and happy with others.

I have heard: don’t bring work home with you…but sometimes, how can you not??



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