Shine On Blog Award…

I got the cutest message in my inbox today, from a blogger that I follow. She wanted to nominate me to the Shine On Blog Awards, which I understand is not really an award, but rather an appreciation.

So thank you, Christina / for your appreciation!

I have followed Christina since I started my own blog, a little more than a year ago, I think I was lucky yo stumble upon it on WordPress. Then, as time has gone by, I have found that we do have a lot more in common than one would think, just stumbling upon one another like that:)
Christina is an aspiring designer, and I am looking forward to follow her as time goes by.


I will do as Christina did on her own blog, answer the questions and then select the blogs that I want to nominate:)

Shine On Blog Award Rules:
1. Talk about the blog that nominated you
2. Share the photo
3. Share 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 blogs & let the bloggers know about it.

I think 15 is a lot, so I will select a small, but important, number of blogsšŸ˜œ

1. I was born in Sweden, moved to Norway as 6 years old, have moved a number of times later in life, including to the US and Canada. I fell in love twice in Canada; the first time in the country, and more specifically in the city of Montreal; the second time in my husband.

2. As children, my older sister and I loved to play school.
I guess she is the reason why I could read books at 5:)

3. I lost my brother when he was only 24. I miss him every day.

4. I have worked as a counsellor for many years now. It is in many ways rewarding, and in many ways I have to be present in other people’s emotions and struggles. I started to blog, and to make the fashionista in me blossom, as a counterpoint to that. I needed the balance in my life of seriousness and just doing something fun and deal with pretty things.

5. I am a yoga teacher, and yoga is an incorporated part of my life. Remember to breathe. Just breathe! And all will pass….

6. When I was younger I always wanted to get older and thus wiser. Now, that I am approaching 40, I am trying to stop time a bit, with good skincare, honestly a bit scared of getting old (or, rather, looking old:)

7. I was lucky enough to publish a little book of poetry a few years ago. I still write, when it feels right. Poetry is something that can not be forced, it just IS, whenever the feeling is right.

NOW, I want to nominate…

Oslo in Chanel


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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