Celebrating 200 years!

Every year we celebrate our Constitution Day with pride.
For those of my readers who are not Norwegian, I would like to add that we had been under Danish and Swedish rule for a long time, until we were given a chance to not be part of a union, and again become and independent country. This was the year of 1814 – 200 years ago. I will not give you the whole history, but the world’s most Democratic Constitution (of that date) was made and signed that day, and that is something to remember, and to celebrate.

So, after watching the childrens´ parade, like we do every year, we went to the actual building where the constitution was signed, along with thousands of people, to watch speaches and entertainers.



I can spot my little niece in the crowd:)

I wear my National Costume with pride – it is a stunning piece of handicraft!


Here with my dad and his wife.


Some people had taken it all the way, dressed up as in 1814 – pretty awesome:)






Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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