Super-moms and super-dads and big spending

I look at people around me, families, parents, children.
And I wonder how happy we really are, in one of the richest and “happiest” countries in the world.

I am so impressed by parents, who work at least full time, both of them, juggle children, childre’s activities, a social life and workout. Phew, I get exhausted just looking at them.

We live in a world where having a car each, the kids have iPhones and Canada Goose jackets, we wear designer clothes, we change interior design at least once a year depeding on the trends, we have to have a get-away from all the daily stress, so we pay lots of money to have a cabin or a boat.

And to pay for all this, we need to work more. Oh, I know that we also are blessed with a lot of vacation time, compared to a lot of countries. But, compared to other countries, one parent can not stay at home, because having a “normal” standard of living requries at least to salaries.

So, how did we get here, to this “norm”? I think that we fairly obliviously just happened to be on the carousel. At least that is what happened to me. And not, even though I have gotten out of the oblivion, I am still on the carousel.

Where will this end? If this contiues, what will happen to our society and family life. Do we want to be measured accordingly to what we own? Do we want to sacrifice just being together as a family, in order to have what everybody else has?

How easy is it for one individual or family to break the norm and chose to live differently? Would you risk that your children are bullied at school because if your life choices? Would you risk that your children experience stress throughout childhood if you don’t slow down? Or worse, they only value themselves through the pictures they can show others on Instagram, because we have not had time to give them the truly valuable experiences-just enjoying being together.

I have to admit that it is a difficult choice to make for myself. I am a sucker for nice things also, and a comfortable lifestyle. But, a big part of me does not feel good knowing that I am contributing to this big merry-go-round that is our society. Can I make the choice of living moderately in order to prioritize what I truly find is valuable? Can we somehow help each other to make that priority, by openly supporting these choices?

Can we change our world, or just be passengers?

What do you think?

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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