Some people leave footprints

Throughout life we meet people, random meetings or deep friendships, who leave a trace of who they are with us.

Some of these traces are footprints of love and empathy, some give imprints of their own insecurities, that rub off on others. Hatred is nothing but fear, fear of being abandoned, fear of not being taken seriously, fear of not being respected, fear of not being loved.

The only thing that can beat hatred is utter acceptance. Not acceptance of any mean actions, but an understanding of the pain and insecurity that lie behind those actions. Because some important people have left footprints in their hearts.

It has been said that a hundred positive statements are needed to erase one negative, in the image we have of ourselves. But what when those negative statements come from our own minds? What when we, almost unnoticeably, tell ourselves every day, that we are not good enough? How can we then believe the others who tell us otherwise?

Can you say at least one winderful thing – that you really believe about yourself – every day of this week?


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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