Holland in lace

I am visiting my good friend who lives in the Netherlands currently. I have visited the Netherlands a few times, and I enjoy the company of people here, the surroundings and the culture.

We sat up last night for hours, just chatting. Today we went to a small mall nearby, and I fixed my nails. I have this bad habit, that as soon as my nails break, I start nibbling on them…not very charming:)

I love summer, and summery clothes and pastels:) White and pink is awesome:) Just got these Ugg shoes at the airport, but of course I got blisters on my feet of them – my feet are chapters on their own:) Got me dad’s feet:)

I try to be aware of buying more expensive clothes, on sale of course, because I like to eat also:)
The reason is that I want to be aware of the conditions of the people making them, often in the far east. This See by Chloe skirt was bought on sale, first time used, and seems to be a favourite:)







Hat- ebay
Skirt- See by Chloe
Top- Nelly
Long shirt- Nelly
Shoes- Ugg
Bag- Michael Kors
Ancle chain- Barfota design

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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