Maritime in inland

Maritime never goes out of style, and can be used anytime, anywhere, in my opinion.

I just feell for this dress with the embellished pockets, bought at the chain Lindex for less money than you would guess (don’t you just love that:). It is just out now.20140802-131445-47685828.jpg



And, I have looked for nude lace-up sandals forever, not fiding the right colour or heel-size. I had given up…until I accidentally dropped into Zara here in Eindhoven. Voila! There they were, the perfect ones:)



They say that happiness after shopping lasts about 30 minutes, and that it is no lasting solution to anything. I believe myself to be wise enough to agree, and I am a spokesperson for inner improvement. Happiness can only be found in the small things, everyday life. Teach yourself to be thankful for the things you have, and you will be more happy. When you are more happy, you will notice even more things to make you grateful. It’s a slippery slope..a good one, that is:)

Even so, I can enjoy the feeling of putting on a nice dress or the right shoes, over and over again. I have to disagree with the researchers saying that it is such a brief sense of happiness…because it will come again, and again.

Does that sound superficial? In my opinion, there are so many serious issues in life everyday, fashion is a way for me to just enjoy for a while, without worries or demands. How do you feel about it?

Anyhow, my friends and I were invited to an american bbq (I am a sucker for great ribs!). Don’t you just love a terasse filled with flowers and candles?




My friend since 3rd grade:)









  1. Fantastisk fine sko, skjønner godt at du falt for dem, jeg 🙂 Og den kjolen er jo bare genial – jeg elsker maritime striper, det er ikke så rent få stripete plagg i garderoben min! Men jeg trenger en stripete kjole, innser jeg 😉 Det å kle på seg plagg man er glad i og føler seg fin i, er en liten hverdagsluksus som man absolutt skal unne seg, og ikke overflatisk i det hele tatt ,etter min mening!

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