Gone home

Vacation is great, but it also felt great to come home to my husband!

I was never accused of travelling light, so I always have lots of stuff to carry. But, I have learnt some tricks on how to look good travelling, without effort.
1. If your hear is bad, wear a hat
2. A bright lipstick and shades will give the impression of you wearing a nice make-up, without really using any time on it. Wee:)
3. If your skin looks a bit unclear, give it a round of Bare Minerals spf 30 stick, it is sun protection in powder, and it will give you just a light cover, so you will look fresh. And, you will protect your skin. 10 seconds -done!
3. Wear pants, nobody wants to see your hoo-hoo when bending over to pick up the suitcase:)

Not that it has anything to do with that matter (uuummm, random:), but a nice view waiting for the bus makes travelling so much easier:)








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