Road trip

My hubby and I were our way to the south last night, Kristiansand, to visit friends who are renting a summer house. Taking the car, just for the weekend, but oh so nice:)

I have a man who is originally from Africa, even though he has lived in North America for so many years, that feels like home to him. But, I guess there is one thing that you can not take out of a man: the African time....he still thinks he has time to do everything, in no time at all:-)

So, planning to travel somewhere makes the usually-on-time little me (who is brought up in the rather unhealthy-time-obsessed west), a bit unpatient (yes, you can read: totally mad, he he).

But, when we hit the road, and turn up the music, dancing in th car in such way that most others on the road must think we are crazy, it is like we are the two only people in the world:)

Oh, if you have guessed that I have an obsession with hats, you are totally right. This is another sunhat gotten on ebay, as well as the scarf on the arm (new armcandy-obsession as well:). The top is from Burberry, the skirt and sandals bought at a store in the Netherlands, of which I probably can not pronounce the name. Sunnies are from Wearhouse.










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