The sky opened up

And, not in that good way.
On our roadtrip to Kristiansand, which is a real gem in summer, we got there late on Friday. Hungry as crazy, I devoured our friends leftovers, shrimps, crab and fresh fish. Only when I started feeling sane again (anyone else who get all nutty while hungry??), I took a look at my husbands plate, only do discover that he had almost no shells after his shrimps and crab on his plate. I had been eating most of it in my desperate eagerness;-)

We had planned to have the whole of Saturday to be tourists in the city. We parked the car by the harbour, and took a walk along the beachwalk. It was crazy windy, and slowly but sure it got so dark. I slowed down everybody on our walk, trying to get some decent pictures, although it was pretty dark. So, the inevitable happened.

Terrencial rain.

We were so drenched. When it rained from the side, we decided beign a tourist would have to wait, it was just not fun anymore. With our shoes full of water, we waolked back to the car, picking up some fresh fish and lobster on our way (I do mean from the store, as it could sound like we picked it up from the rain-filled streets:-)

It was a great meal. Lobster tastes good even inside in a storm. Who knew:)



















I have a thing for structured clothing. I love these sweaters I found from BCBG, one in white, oone in dark teal. I love how they hug the hips, and make a simple outfit look more interesting.

Jeans- Paul and Joe sister
Knit- BCBG
Sandals- DKNY
Rainjacket- Stormberg

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