White after Labor Day

Is there not a fashion rule saying you should not wear white after Labor Day (i.e yesterday, when these pics were taken)?
Well, I think we should not listen to rules like this. White is classic, and anything that makes you feel comfortable, is OK in my book.

Actually, white can freshen up an attire, making it less dark….because a lot of us, including me, tend to go darker when summer is over. I will try to bring pastels into fall and winter, because they are colours that I like. I dress accordingly to my energy and mood.

Sometimes, I like to dress up when I feel a bit tired, because it makes me feel more fresh. At other times, being tired makes me want to walk around in comfy clothes (not to say that cool clothes can not be comfy, necessarily, like these wool blend trousers that are as soft as sweat pants).
Too many dark colors over time, draws the energy right out of me – anybody else who gets that feeling?









Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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