In the darkness, a pop of colour

I have heard that one should not start with apologizing, but here I go anyway.

After working rather late, we went to a birthday, actually two birthdays, as my sis and dad are born on the same day (well, with 30 years in between, otherwise we would have a totally different family constellation;-)

So, we ended up taking outfit pictures far too late, it was getting really dark, so the lights in the pictures are terrible, some even blurry. But, I decided to post them anyway, because I like the outfit:)

So, why wear a scarf like that?? Well, for two reasons: I have worn scarves like that in the past, the scarves hanging down with a belt on it. Since I can sometimes feel like I am suffocating when I have a scarf wrapped around my neck, I found that to be a nice was to wear some colour. And, the fact that it is very stylish this fall, makes it easy to pick up the habit again:)

Also, having a scarf like that, especially if it is longer than this one, makes you look longer and leaner, because of the lengths hanging down along your body. Not bad, ey?

So, a simple dress from Asos is dressed up with a Hermes scarf (thanks sooo much to my namesister Sonja!) and a Chanel belt. Pumps from Tommy Hilfiger (I swear, they feel like walking with sneakers).


Playing around with my little niece:)







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