Friday Fun

Two of our friends came over, and since it was his birthday, we invited them for dinner and wine. My girlfriend and I ended up with going out to listen to an old schoolmate playing at a local joint.

After work, and a nap (which is pretty common for me after work these days; for those of you who do not know my history, it is complicated, but it is fatigue) I started making food.

So, since life happens (like it always does:) we had to take outfit pictures in between me doing my make-up and the guests coming, while the rice was boiling.

And, PS, count on some strange facial expressions at times, when taking pics:)








I am very happy with my new hair colour. My hairstylist is truly a genious when it comes to colouring, she has won many prices. It looks natural on me I think, I started the commercial song in my head “Maybe she’s born with it…”:)



Dress- Lindex
Shoes- Nelly
Armcandy- Marc Jacobs, h&m

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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