Saturday market

I love markets! I mean, all kinds of markets, clothes, food, you mention it. Normally, we do not have many markets here, but once in a while you have days like today, where you have food markets. I met up with a good friend of mine, and her little son, whom I have not seen since before summer. The sun was shining, we had a nice girl’s talk and shopped different kinds of foods in the little booths, like Serrano, olives, and cupcakes for my sweet toth of a husband:)

So, I have tapas on the plan for tomorrow!









And, after, I chilled when watching a movie and eating shrimps and drinking Cava with my hubby. Life is good:)

Actually, life is a strange mix of emotions, all the time. I can go from talking to people about deadly serious issues on a daily basis, and then I can come home and enjoy a quiet evening with my love. It does not mean that I have forgotten other peoples struggles, I hope it means that I am good a seizing the moment.

Have a happy weekend, all!



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