Sundays – a love and hate relationship

Ok, I had to exaggerate the title a bit, to make it interesting.
I normally love Sundays, to sleep in, have a late breakfast, do what I feel like doing. And, today, the sun was shining and it was looking to be a wonderful day.

I asked my hubby if we should go out today, and he was all for it. After knowing each other for many years, you would think that he would know that I would like to go out rather early…yes, I know, I know, you can not really call it early since I sleep until noon (my excuse is that I have a sleeping disorder and I now need sleep as if I were 13 years old – and if I do not get that amout of hours, I promise, I will become a 13 year old:-))

And, you would think that I would know him well enough to know that if he does not have a deadline, time flies by….the food marked was packed down and gone home by the time we got there, ha ha. That is so us!

We found a bench, though, and enjoyed a soda in the sun, anyway.








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