A weekend of sleep, and a bit of fun also:)

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that I have not been quite well for the past few years. I have become much better at balancing work, rest and fun, but sometimes I am just a bit off…
Like the past week….I have feel so exhausted, so most of the weekend, I have tried to sleep, rest and do some restorative yoga. I always say to myself I should do more restorative or yin yoga versus yang, when I feel tired…and when I do, I can really tell how the prana or chi starts flowing again and make me feel better.

We were invited to eat a my mom’s today, and as you can tell by the pics, having my nieces there is lots of fun:-) They certainly can not stay away from the camera….and playing with them makes my facial expressions more interesting (or weird:)

Life is too fun to take yourself too seriously:)










  1. Hope you feel better and can get some real good sleep soon! Love the funne faces and the kids – they always make one smile a lot (specially when they are not your one he he) have a great week S! 😊 xoxo

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