Time for Blog Awards

Last year, I was so lucky to attend Vixen Blog Awards, thanks to the wonderful Tove Eggen and the rest of the writers in http://www.iknowthatmagazine.com. To be part of the establishment of Tove’s dream of making this online magazine, one that was a bit different (honest, real!) was so much fun, and to be not only nominated, but also in the finals, in three categories, was a blast!

Mind you, an award like that means nothing in the history of the world. It does not help hunger, it does not attend to children in difficulties, it does not stop wars.

For me, that is what is so liberating! It might inspire, it might make a few persons out there who read it feel better about themselves. That is wonderful. Other than that, it is mostly about fun and creativity!
My life is full of seriousness!
I work with children and families who have large struggles. I am not in my best health, and have not been for years. I have worked in the substance abuse field, and been to the funerals of wonderful people who should have been in their prime of their lives. I support Amnesty and Plan, I write articles about tolerance. About life. About emotions. About coping.

But, sometimes, I just want to be a little superficial. To enjoy a pair of new shoes, and without shame show them off to the world through the camera lens. To put out my weekly outfit pictures, just in case there are some women out there who happens to enjoy my style, and get a little bit inspired. To send a message to young and old, that you do not have to be 19, or “perfect” to have a blog. I am 38 years old, I have grown to genereally like myself and my body – and why should I not? Why should YOU not?

Just strut your stuff a little bit more, and perhaps your day will be happier:)

And, if you happen to enjoy following my blog, and think it should be nominated to the Vixen award, the link is right HERE!




Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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