Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex

Ok, so we are planning to move, and my priorities should be on furniture, not clothes. But duh, I might have a bigger place to store clothes in, so what can a girl do??? I have no choice, right, I have to make sure I fill up the closets, right? Ha ha. Bad excuse, I know. First world problem, I know.

When fall comes along, so does all the new designer collaborations. And, I know lot of people have been looking forward to Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex (today!) and Alexander Wang for H&M on November 6th.

I have seen pictures of the Wang collection, and I have to admit that most of it seems a bit too oversized and sculptural for my taste. It is edgy, but in my opinion, dressing accordingly to your body size and general style is important, and being 38 with a voluptions body type, Wang’s collection might not fit me very well.

Oh, back to JPG for Lindex!
I was a bit late browsing the collection online, so a lot of it was sold out. So, I went to the nearest store.
I was coveting this striped jacket, but it was already sold out!
I was able to find the miniature version, though, that will be a gift for a small up-and-coming fashionista I know:)


I found a nice, black blouse with sheer panels, and the classic JPG underdress, va-va-voom! (left on the picture)



I tried on a long cardigan, but it was so big, I felt I was drowning in it. Again, oversized is not really my thing, sometimes it makes me look like I am short and square:)

Did you have any luck with what you wanted to get? – if you were at all interested, of course:)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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