MK – best pumps ever on sale!

Like many women I love high heels (and men, but most of them like watching women in heels:) But, frankly, many heels can be a pain, and it is just not worth it!

I have some favourite pumps that I use more frequently than others, because I tend to go for the ones that are comfy, not the ones that are coolest, when it comes to dressing for everyday use..and I don’t go out much, anyway:)

My nude patented Michael Kots pumps are truly one pair that I love. Not too tall, sits well on the foot, I can walk in them all day.

I wanted to give you a tip: My Wardrobe has all new season items on 15% off, in addition you get another 10% off using thing code KORS10 on Michael Kors (not sponsored).

So, if you are looking for wearable pumps – look no further!





And, if I were to get myself a new bag, I would totally go for this little love with turtoise handles.


PS: they have worldwide FREE shipping:)


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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