Love never gets old

Last night my father celebrated his marriage to his lady of 12 years. He turned 68 a month ago, but he is a young 68, and I am so happy that he has such a wonderful person to share his life with.

Love can happen anytime in life. Falling in love does not happen too often, but staying in love may be an even more rare experience. I believe that staying in love is a result of a desicion to remember and appreciate all the wonderful things you initially fell in love with, in your partner. When the butterflies in your belly do not show up every day, what it is that makes you have a deep love and respect for your partner? I think there would be as many different answers as we are people.





Having fun cutting the cake:)



My gorgeous sister!


Family (the bride and the groom)



So, despite me being sick lately, this was a celebration I could not miss out on. A few paracetamol and I could keep smiling.
And, thank goodness for make-up!! Just a little bit of it, can really make you seem less tired, and glowing. And, of course, my skincare routine gives me a good base to work with. I am very proud of being part of the team of promoting Linda Johansen Skincare. The only skincare I have felt the need to stick to, just because it is so good!




Dress-Vivienne Westwood
Shoes- Paul Andrew
Bag – Chanel


    • Thaaaanks sweetie:) I bought it from a wonderful ladie I got to know through Instragram, also named Sonja. Sha has soo many wonderful designer items, and sometimes she sells them. I had thought about this one for a long time, but after bying the YSL, I decided not to. Then, I saw yours!! And, I just had to contact her again. I love it, it is so small and cute:) Like yours:)

      • I’m kind of really really jealous – but in a good way of course!!! I have one Gucci also which I bought on Etsy – used/vintage of course! I love my Chanel phannybag but it’s shiny and black polished so it does not fit to all outfits… Have a great day!!! 😊

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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