The Balm make-up and an evening out.

This post was a long time coming. Since the pics ended up on my new mac, who I needed to switch at the store, I just got access to them.

My friend and I was invited by a fellow blogger, Jeanette from, to a make-up event at Karlsson og Barlindhaug (a hairdresser) in Oslo.

They had make-up artists giving tips, make-up and representing the brand the Balm. That is a brand that is totally new to me.


The before-pictures -my friend Iren looks really happy:)


For a long time, I wanted to learn more about sculpturing, using shades and highlights to sculpture your face and bring out the best of it. I got some good tips here. Also, the bronzer, and their concealer (the Time Balm) was great to use for that purpose. In fact, the concealer was the best one I have every used for under my eyes, which is a problem area, because I have always had blue rings to some extent. I have tried so many different of them, but I really loved this one, it does conceal well. I also love that the products does not contain parabens and are not tested on animals!


Don´t you just love the retro style?

I also came home with Cabana Boy Blush. I was a sceptic at first, because in the case it look s really purple. But on…it looks so fresh, I even have had  people commenting on how fresh I look when I use it. Even when I have been sick. No joke:)


Wonderful Jeanette.


The after-pics. My friend got nice smokey eyes. It is not so easy to see my make-up due to the light, but I will show you how I  used the same products and same technique a few days after (see the picture under). Andreas, the photographer from took the after-pic:) Thanks, Andreas:)

We had to laugh about me posing next to the sign saying that I have available hours…hmmm..


Firstly, a good foundation or canvas is helpful to do a fresh make-up. I swear to Linda Johansen skincare, I have stuck to them for years now, because they really make my skin look great. I have a difficult skin, with hormonal acne and dryness at times, but thanks to Linda, you can not see that here:)

The new fluid Bare Minerals foundation might be a little bit too shiny for such a make-up, but I as soon as I learned how to put it on evenly, I love it.

I have otherwise uses the Balm products and Make-up Mekka on the eyes. They have great shades for a more than decent price. Their primer for shades is the best – now my make-up looks great the whole day!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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