I`ve got news for you….

Some of you who have read my blog for a while, know that I swear by Linda Johansen Skincare. It so happens that after being a good customer for a few years, I was contacted and asked if I wanted to be a part of a new way of reaching out to people. Her skincare has been sold in salons for years, but she wanted to reach the women who normally don`t go there also.

The primary reason for me saying YES to be part of her Circle of Friends, was because I had such belief in her skincare line! Anyone can be part of the Circle of Friends, and reap benefits of the sales of these wonderful products.

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IMG_4498 IMG_4501

And it is soooo fun to see  how HAPPY women get after trying them out for a while!

Now we have been waiting for her new Health Food Products – and finally, it is out! We had a seminar this weekend, where we got to learn about these products from among others, a marine biologist.



I can not begin to tell you how important it is to take Omega-3 for our health. The sad part is, though, that a lot of the fish oil used for this purpose, is harsh. You can actually measure grades of harshness. I will not bore you with that, just encourage you to chew your Omega capsule. It should not taste anything!

If it does, it is harsh! STAY AWAY! It actually reverses the benefits you were looking for, and can cause severe damage in your body and brain (cell death, free radicals and stress on our cells).

But NOW, you can get totally fresh Omega-3, from wild fish taken just outside the coast of Norway!

Soon I will also tell you more about the HAPPY HEALTH SUPER-FOOD.

If you can not wait, you can find them here (order from Norway, get it delivered within few days): http://www.shopping.lindajohansen.no/sonjadurand






Dinner at the hotel was made with these two powders, that can be used in cooking or just as a juice:)


Vanilla cream with red powder mix in it, and fresh berries. Yum!!


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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