Living healthily

I do try. Like most of us.

We all do our best. And we all know the pitfalls. At least many of them. Still, it is a daunting task. To find all the information. To use that extra time. To manage our cravings. Eating healthily is no simple task.

Food allergies have forced me to be a bit more healthy. I do not eat gluten or dairy. Every day I try to remind myself of how lucky I am that my body is now telling me what it can not handle. It forces me to make better choices. At other times, I curse it, just because I truly want to eat the same cake as you do!

I am in no doubt, however, that what we eat will make us or break us. We can heal ourselves or make ourselves sick by eating.

I find it troublesome to know, at times, what is good for me or not. But, there are a few things that we can be pretty sure about. Processed foods are not good for us. The body does not recognize it as food, so the nutrients (if there ever were any!) are lost to us. Greens are good! In all my lifetime, I have heard different theories about different food groups, but to this day, nobody disputes that greens are good.


We just do not eat enough of it! Lately, I have, in addition to my “normal” struggle with lack of energy after years of insomnia, struggled with inflammation in my belly, and stiffness in my psoas (a muscle that ties the vertebras to the thighs and hips, and is a very essential muscle) despite all my yoga. Something is definitely off!

Last week I watched an inspiring documentary about a man who healed himself just juicing greens (it is called “Fat, sick and nearly dead”), and I decided to step up the game! Friday I started juicing, and every day now I will provide my body with some extra greens, truly fresh Omega 3, inflammation inhibiting plant oil (Camelina) and powdered greens.

I will track my own progress, and I will bluntly share it with you. I even made a whole new tab on my blog, called Healty Living:)

Today I feel a bit sluggish, it could be that I am tired after a week of working a bit more than I should. But, I wonder if I might already feel a bit of a detox. Last night I started taking these two powdered greens, Omega-3, Immune Booster, Cranberry,  and Camelina.


This morning I added the Red (berry powders with a lot of anti-oxidants) and the Green (kale, broccoli, spinach and brusselsprouts) mix into my juice, and this afternoon I made a smoothie with 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, 1 handful of spinach , half a celery and two spoonful of each of these. The red one is really sweet, so it tastes so nice. And, it gives me an addition of pure, pure greens right in my system! I use the smoothie or juice as small shots throughout the day.

These can now be purchased through me, just give me a holla:)



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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