Awake before morning coffee – am I fooling myself?


Before breakfast I have started to mix these two powdered greens and berries mixed in apple juice.

Two days in a row now, I have also added the berries (the red one) to my porridge. I eat a porridge made of Buckwheat (which is not wheat, but actually a plant related to rhubarb, but tastes like a grain) and millet (hirse på norsk).


And of course my soy latte:) I fell asleep late last night. Silly, really, I felt awake and started watching Netflix. I should know by now, that going to sleep after midnight means trouble – my body does not go to rest that well. But I still repeat the same mistake at times, and expect a different result (that is what they call foolish, am I right?;-)

Still, I woke up quite energized. It could be random. Nonetheless, I appreciate it:)

My belly has functioned well today, no pain from the inflammation I have had (I told you I would share it bluntly, when I say bluntly, I am not joking!!). My skin, though, it still suffering. When my belly acts up, I get pimples all over my cheek, and they are still there. Oh, and I had cake on Sunday – jeeez, I am only human:) Hoping to see it go away soon – and not to come back, of course:)

What works for you? What energizes you?


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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