We have a funny phenomenon in Norway, called the cruise boats to Denmark or Germany. Picture a random mix of people, of all ages, entering the boats, and their personality suddenly changes! It is like an unwritten rule, that on the cruises, you are allowed to be drunk before the boat leaves the harbor, until it is back.

My friend invited me, for a weekend of girly fun, and indeed it was. We shared tears laugher and details of our lives. But wow, these men, they must have left all their social skills and limits on the dock. We had to sit in the bar, trying to avoid any eye contact with anyone, because if we even lifted the glance a little, someone would stumble across the bar and try to chat us up. Very charming, don`t you think?

We ate well, drank well, did some shopping at the duty free, and of course I will show you some outfit pics. I will not totatelly overload you with pics now, so you will see more later:)








Laid back outfit on arrival:

Striped sweater and furry vest from Mango, bag from YSL.

Nightime outfit: The black dress from Vivienne Westwood, pumps from Paul Andrews, bag YSL, scarf Calvin Klein.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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