Ootd and tapas:)

I can like myself some good eating. Since I have a lot of food allergies, my hubby and I often eat at home, and make a lot of food from scratch. But, it is zoo nice to eat out, and particularly when I know that I am eating at a place where they have good chefs and can alter the food to my needs. On the cruise, my friends and I had some really good meals, combined with some swell wine…perhaps a bit too much of the latter 🙂IMG_4681


Tapas and A-la-carte on Saturday. Tapas is always such a good idea at home as well. Buy whatever you like; ham, cheese, mushrooms, olives, fry some shrimps in sweet chili sauce, and there you go:)

Sequin skirt- Vila Boots- Beau Coops Bag- YSL Knit- Designer Remix Scarf – Calvin Klein

OMG- my appearance does reveal lack of sleep, haha



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