What was the best gift you ever got?

I just read a magazine, with the title What was the best gift you ever got?
For me, it must be Kjærlighetsdikt/Love poems by Stein Mehren.

It was a gift from my former collague, whos name was also Sonja. The poems captured me, to the point where I felt all my relationships were bound up in that book, in such sweet, complicated and gripping words.

Not only did she give me the gift of a book. She gave me the gift or writing!
After that book, I realized that I had word living inside of me, that only waited for the right moment, the right emotion, to express themselves.

You are holding a firm grip on who you both used to be,
knowing that if you hold to hard
you will slowly wring the life out
of any love that is left

A desperate hand, nurtured
by the infinite fears of man
.rejection. loneliness.
creeping up in your blood

Not before you loosen the grip
you will see things for what they are
A mirroring, of what you see in your dreams
as reality is oblivious

When that veil comes off
you will see that all is not lost
all is found
within you

(Sonja, nov. 2014)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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