Time for presence….?

I have been away from the blog for the past week, since we have moved to a new appartment. So much to do, and it took us 5 days before we had time to hook up the internet.

I try to live mindfully, and sometimes it is a challenge. My body is not the way it used to be, I get tird so easily and pain everywhere when the tiredness is overwhelming. Then I get impatient and irritable. My hubby can witness on that! It is so sad that the one closest to us, the ones we love the most, also sees the worst part of us.

One thing I have learnt from this relationship, is how important it is, and how easy it should be, to say I AM SORRY! Those words do not wipe away any sins, but, still, they are so important to be able to mend a crack in the relationship. Because once you treat your partner wit less than respect and love, there is a crack.

A relationship can only survive so many cracks. When you realize that the moments of being irritable or cold towards you partner have become a habit, then the two of you are not the same any more.
Perhaps you even find that love has gone. It had to make way for more immediate feelings. For love, although we need it soo much, has to be nourished.

One meditation I use to nourish it (and, I have to remind myself of using it now, because it feels so good) is to visualize a huge, red heart on the outside of you body, growing larger as you visualize the important people on your life. Concentrate on one person. And let the heart pour out love and gratitude. Meditate on it for a while, and see what happens to you, and to the ones around you:-)

Love, S

Always, always, take care of yourself!

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  1. Moving is a big challenge for body and soul… But I agree, it helps to be avle to say SORRY when needed. Love from M

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