Holiday spirit

Even though I have been busy with the move, unpacking things, constantly looking for something I might or might not have seen lately, sighed out loud because I can not find my clothes, since the closet is not fully up and my clothes are all in piles, I have also had some time off, which has given me a Holiday mood. Yes, I have decorated a bit for Christmas, but mostly I have just felt good about being in my own little bubble, taking every hour as they come.

I got out of my bubble the other night, when I went to the movies with a friend, watching the Hunger Games – Mockingbird part 1. So now, I can just wait for part 2 to come, and eat a lot of food in between:)

A new plaid jacket found it`s way into my (not yet installed) wardrobe. I like to mix patterns, and when you mix patterns that have the same color tone or the same type of patterns, it is soothing down the impression of the mix. Like here, somewhat the same colours, and both jackets have soft plaid patterns.



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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