Heaven has yet another angel

A brutal message one winter night sent all of us in a state of numbness.

I still miss your head leaning on my shoulders when you were visiting.

The smell of coffee makes me see the reflection of you in others.

Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I see you nose and your smile.

All the memories we can not make, is a whole movie undirected.

The tremor in my veins, made my future tremble

He knew, he saw, he stood steady.  To lead us through the ordeal

like he was trained to, but his training did not reach into our hearts

His gentle soul did. His way of looking into the eyes of others.

Today, his steadiness was stolen away

But not his gentle soul. It has wings now.

(In memory of Stig Santiago Bjørnæs)


  1. Hello Susan!

    Thank you for the way you uplifted a devestating loss to something profoundly touching. Yes, angels do offer us comfort and conciliation whenever needed.

    Best regards,


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