One year has passed

I might seem a bit shizofrenic, sharing poetry about loss, writing about my inner emotional crossroads, and randomly sharing outfits. And, even though there are lots of thoughts at the moment, rest assure, I am perfectly sane:)

The wonderful thing about us humans is our complexity. And, even though we only share bits and pieces on a blog anyway, it feels good to share many bits and pieces of me, since I am so much more than my outfits, and I am also so much more than my reflections….

Thanks for following me through another year of my blog, I know a lot of you follow in silence, and that is a true testament that the topics hit home (I hope:-), because the most serious topics are usually not the ones most commented on.

For now, I will share some outfits from last year. Perhaps you will see something you liked:)

I wish for all of you an eventful and wonderful new years, with new opportunities, with hope, with thankfulness in your hearts:)

Love, S

20140324-182035.jpg 20140328-162826.jpg 20140403-221512.jpg 20140406-110417.jpg 20140411-200450.jpg 20140417-132034.jpg 20140418-214706.jpg 20140427-093536.jpg 20140516-000946.jpg 20140607-222046-80446032.jpg 20140607-222451-80691572.jpg 20140609-203536-74136618.jpg 20140626-130755-47275121.jpg 20140703-221338-80018547.jpg 20140716-222433-80673963.jpg 20140718-225751-82671612.jpg 20140725-235218-85938530.jpg 20140731-173155-63115657.jpg 20140802-131445-47685828.jpg 20140804-174345-63825279.jpg IMG_8910 IMG_9211 IMG_9278 IMG_9317 IMG_9367 IMG_9446-0.JPG IMG_9564 IMG_9605 IMG_9769 IMG_9923 IMG_9993 IMG_0229 IMG_4577 IMG_4594 IMG_4626 IMG_4735 IMG_4760

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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