I have never believed in change just because it is a new year…

A lot of people make decisions to change their lives in January; quit smoking, eating healthily, spending less time at work, spending more time at work, working out, you name it.

Perhaps the notion of starting off with a blank sheet, invited people to believe that it is easier to start anew.

I never really believed that, I believe that changes can be done when you find the motivation for it, whether that is in fact in January, or in November. Change can be good, we all want something better for ourselves. It is easy, though, to fall into the trap of wanting to quit something.

Think of the connections on your brain as little roads that are connected. When we learn to think in a certain manner go act in a certain manner, the braincells are connected to these little paths that can be taken over and over. When paths are well travelled, they become roads or even highways. They become our patterns, our personality. These highways will transport you to where you used to be so fast, you will hardly notice, before you are there. So, even with an intention of changing, we are easily back into our old habits.

That is, until we are learning to make new paths. The old highways will be tempting, still, because it feels so easy, it is what we are used to. Our brain is wired in a way, that makes it more challenging to stop with something, that in fact, to start with something new.

We have to make clear intentions to walk down the uneven paths for a while, until those will become the highways that are easy to travel. One day you will discover that your new habits are just as easy as your old ones, if you have intently followed the paths. 

So instead of telling yourself that you will stop doing something, tell yourself that you will start something, and you will experience that the journey of change will be so much more joyful.

The past couple of years I have learned that I have to listen to my body, to slow down, take care of my health. Now I have come to a point where I have listened so much to my health, the joy of learning something new, being spontaneous feels missing. I want to continue to listen to my body, and at the same time, I need a passion! My writing and my interest in fashion have been important for me, and they still will be. Albeit, I will meditate now, on what it is that will really fill my heart with joy, with laughter and with the feeling of effortless intent.

Nothing need to happen on January 1st, they just need to happen. And they will, when the timing is right:)

So, tell me, do you have a passion? Something that fills your heart with joy? Or a dream of starting something new for yourself, in one way or another?

I hope 2015 will bring you what you heart desires!


Love, S


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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