Finally, some outfit pictures!

Since I did not find my camera cord, which is too weird, since I know I had it in my apartment, i had to get a new one. Finally, it arrived, and I was able to see some of the pics we took during the Holidays.

I know, I know, faaar to late, and perhaps you have moved on already. I still find them versatile, though, I basically layer a lot these days, to hold the cold out.

Use an interesting scarf to spice up a soft colored jacket, and to vary your impression of the outfit. Animal print is always fun, but you can use plaid (will come later in an outfit post), stripes, you name it:)

Everything but the animal print is pretty basic; 

Black jeans, powder pink wool sweater from h&m, powder pink wool coat from Vila (now on sale several places), Black boots from Timberland (only heels that work these days on the ice) and one of my Michael Kors loves, the Hamilton Bag.

2014-12-27 19.22.09

2014-12-27 19.23.27 2014-12-27 19.23.20 2014-12-27 19.22.54 2014-12-27 19.21.34 2014-12-27 19.21.28

PS. I found the coolest vintage hat. It is made from leather and is “hairy”, although the pics does not do it justice. It has an old leather tag that says it was made for a local men`s store, my guess is about 50 years ago. One of my coolest vintage catches!


  1. beautiful look! i love the michael kors bag and the hat ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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